You pay special attention to the details that make a more inviting and appealing atmosphere for buyers. You fix stairs, flooring, and even the roof. Most of these elements are required for a successful selling of any home, but do you pay any attention the paint exterior on the outside of your home? Popular Mechanics suggests that a nicely painted home with enhance curb appeal can add to your resale value. If you’re considering selling your home soon, you may want to contact a local service that performs pressure cleaning in Delray Beach and paint your home’s exterior. These 5 reasons will encourage you to treat the outside of your home as well as the inside.


First Impressions are Everything

The outside appearance is what home buyers are looking at even before they enter the home. While they may be intrigued by the room space and interior or perhaps the backyard space, the outside condition of your home is what homeowners look at when approaching the front door. While you’re tending to the yard, trimming the trees and shrubs, and cleaning your garage, seal the deal with an exceptional color exterior paint.

For a Value Upgrade

The best investment for your home’s value shows through the exterior paint work on your home. Getting your home painted by a professional that knows what they’re doing will guarantee a lasting finish. This is your ticket to upselling your home for what it’s worth, covering more than the extra cost for the professional paint work.

When the Weather Got to It

The weather will eventually get to the exterior condition of your home. And oftentimes we don’t notice it until we put our home on the market. No matter how old your home or how bad the hurricane damage, get a professional that will pressure wash, paint, and bring your home back to life.

When Repairs are Needed

Chances are that you will fix the issues in the home before you sell it. In fact, Consumer Reports states that homeowners paying special attention to what needs to be fixed have a 35% increased chance at selling their home. Painting is in the category of fixing your home.

Enhance the Home’s Natural Qualities

Again, first impressions are everything, especially when you’re looking to sell your home. So when you’re sprucing up your yard, pay close attention to the exterior of your home, too. Depending on the age of the home, you’ll want to bring out the natural finish and qualities. There are many paints and texture styles that can do this and trusted painting contractors in Delray Beach can assist with a color match.

Don’t sell your home without a pressure wash and an eye catching paint enhancement first. Charles Painting and Pressure Cleaning offers thorough and lasting results to your home’s value. Contact your expert local commercial painter in Delray Beach today!